Workshops & Classes

All Workshops & Classes Held at
May House Collective
2436 University Blvd West Jax, FL
Lakewood/San Marco Area
**Unless otherwise noted

Mindful Monday Easy Yoga Stretch & Guided Meditation/Relaxation

Weekly Community Relax & Unwind Stretch & Guided Meditation/Relaxation
EVERY Monday ALL Welcome! 6:30-7:45pm
By Donation suggested $1-$10
Come home to who you REALLY are.
Our brain and body develops based on how we use them.
How do you use them?

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time.....time to be fully present.
Being present with the whatever is happening gives you the opportunity to cultivate a kind, compassionate relationship with yourself. By consistently embracing your experience and tuning into what you most need you carve the way to the happiness and peace you desire.
Come explore the practice of self-awareness.
It starts with your first inhalation and can continue your whole life through to your last exhalation.
One way or the other you can live with what 'is' or you can whole-heartedly embrace what is. It's your choice.
Come. Move. Breathe. Connect.
Come Home to Who You REALLY Are.

Come explore the power of non-judgmental awareness of body and mind. Capture the power of peace. Learn the tools so many are harnessing to create more energy, more vitality, more focus, more connection, more kindness, more peace.
BY DONATION suggested $1-$10
6:30-7:45PM Every Monday
20+ minute easy, gentle movement followed by 20+ minutes of guided meditation
Mindful Meditation & Movement: Embodied awareness with non-judgment in the present moment.
No previous experience necessary.
All Levels Welcome! All props provided. If you have a yoga mat, feel free to bring  No pre-registration required 



Full Moon Burning Bowl & Yoga Under the Stars

Join Yogee Steve & Marci May under the stars to harness the power of nature & celebrate the shifting cycle of the full moon. You will enter into a sacred outdoor space created intentionally for your powerful solar experience.

Your senses will be immersed in sight, sound, aroma & sensation as you are
guided to reflect on the previous month, holding gratitude for what you have manifested and opening up the possibility for your desires in the future.

Participate in a burning bowl ceremony to surrender any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

You will then be guided in a deep & slow yoga practice followed by an extended relaxation & guided meditation.

The FULL MOON is a beautiful time to 'moon bathe' and simply reside under the light of the moon and receive the vibrational gifts it has to offer.

Suitable for ALL levels. Don't have a yoga mat? Don't let that stop you... May House Collective has extra mats for use.
All other props (Blankets, Blocks and Bolsters) will be provided.
Cost is $16 in advance & $18 day of the event
Register to reserve your spot!

Full Moon Gatherings held
at May House Collective in the Back Gardens weather permitting 
February 17 Full Moon, SUNDAY
March 19 Full Moon, TUESDAY
April 19 Full Moon with After Party, FRIDAY
May 17, Full Moon, FRIDAY
June 16, Full Moon, SUNDAY
$16  per person in Advance 
$18 Day of the Event


Mindful Movement for Better Workouts

Including 'What exactly is my core?'

March 2,  Saturday 9:30-1:00pm
Cost $35 Per person
Your core is much more than just your abdomen,
your core encompasses a large portion of your torso.
When you aren't aware of how to best support it by connecting with the specific muscle groups during exercise, you are doing yourself a disservice and are very likely to injure yourself as a result. 
This workshop will teach you;
-Exactly what your core consists of
-How to recognize the possibilities of instability (leading to injury)
-What it means to move through space with mindful attention of your core during your workouts & in every day life  
-How to elevate your fitness routines to produce more sustainable results of strength, stability and flexibility
This workshop will close the loop on all the previous teachings in Part 1 & 2 by each participant crafting their own stability & flexibility routine to support ongoing body alignment, health & vitality



Mini Meditation & Relaxation Retreat

Relax and LET GO...give yourself the gift of 2 hours of nourishing, nurturing guided meditation and relaxation during the midst of the chaotic holiday rush.  Not only will your mind benefit, your immune system will be stronger for having taken the time to slow down and unwind.
 You will spend most of your time on a yoga mat during
these slow, mindful moments.  We will begin with some deep, yin postures, incorporating immune supportive, calming aromatherapy neck & head massage followed by an extended relaxation to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your energy. 
Held on Saturdays 10am-Noon
2019 Schedule
March 9
June 15
September 7
December 14
Cost  $25 



April 26

July 25

October 24

All Held on Friday evening 6:00-8:30pm

Cost $30

This workshop is an ongoing practice in staying present and intentional with your yearly evolution and creating the life you desire in 2019.  So often we begin the year with a bang and then it fizzles out very quickly thereafter.
You will receive the opportunity to nurture your ongoing intentions for the year through the art of sacred ceremony.  
You will be guided and cleansed through a series of Native American smudging practices to release any energy that is blocking the flow to what you desire.
You will then be guided to create your own sacred altar symbolized by items you have carefully chosen. You altar is a portal to calling in that which you deeply desire for yourself.
After a guided journaling experience you will be 
taken through a meditative journey of visualizing your evolution through the ongoing months of the year.

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