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Almond oil, Gingergrass- Cympobogon martini var. sofia, Peppermint- Mentha piperita, Lavender- Lavendula angustifolia, solar plexus, manipura, chakra, balance, energy, essential oils,


Ingredients: Almond oil, Gingergrass- Cympobogon martini var. sofia, Peppermint- Mentha piperita, Lavender- Lavendula angustifolia

The solar plexus or Manipura chakra is located at the solar plexus or abdominal/back area, it also corresponds with the pancreas and adrenal glands. When in balance we feel self confident, we have healthy boundaries, we take responsibility, we are creative and disciplined.  We also have a sense of belonging and have good self esteem. The right and responsibility is to act.

An excessive solar plexus chakra will present as domineering, blaming, aggressive tendencies, flighty, hyperactive and competitive. 

A deficient sacral chakra brings forth a weak will, poor self-esteem, submissive, sluggish, fearful, lacking energy. 

Directions for use: Apply to abdomen & low back to promote purpose, power & self-esteem.

Repeat the affirmation 'I take right action with confidence and ease. I am courageous.'

You might also utilize the stones of citrine, tigers eye. The bija mantra is RAM as in 'RUM'. Use your kapalabhati, breath of fire and practice yoga postures such as core lift, abdominal exercises, sun salutation, twists, warrior 1, boat, spinal twist, forward fold. You might also get moving, take risks, release anger, nurture self, laugh to help balance your chakra energy.


.35 FL Oz. Frosted glass roll on

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Never use an essential oil undiluted unless advised by your health care provider and certified aromatherapist. Keep essential oils away from infants, children, and all pets.


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